Do I Have a Transgender Child?

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Boys will be boys… except for when they won’t.

I realized how big the rock is that I’ve been living under a few days ago when I was listening to This American Life podcast (I’m behind by a few months, so this was an old episode) and it featured a story about two transgender children. Transgender children? I didn’t even know they existed. I mean, it makes sense with all the other stuff going on in our world, but it never even occurred to me that this would happen.

My son attends Nursery at our church gathering once a week. I don’t know about the other 3 weeks of the month, but when I’m in there, he runs straight for the dolls. Now, if I were to visit the same psychiatrist that “Thomasina’s” parents visited (one of the children from the TAL story), I would be encouraged to buy him some dolls of his own – heck, why not throw in a doll house and let him choose a dress to wear if he wishes. Then he could choose his new girl name and we could move and start over in a place where everyone would think he was born little “Davida”.

Psychiatrists (and everyone) these days have to be so PC that they can’t say that a boy wearing dresses, changing his name, and asking to be referred to as “she” is not appropriate behavior for a boy. Parents are so afraid of parenting, that they look to these so-called “experts” to tell them how to raise their kids. Parents initial instincts that “this isn’t quite right for my boy to be pretending to be a girl all the time” are squashed by the experts that tell them to let their kids do whatever they want – they are finding their own way.

But, isn’t it our responsibility to instruct our children and teach them what is appropriate? Shouldn’t we teach our sons what it means to be a boy, and our daughters what it means to be a girl? I’m not saying that each time my son runs for the dolls I snatch it away and replace it with a truck. I let him play with the dolls. I teach him to pretend to be a daddy – not a mum. I want to steer him towards being a man.

Come on parents, stand up. Demonstrate to your children that men and women are different – we are equal in that God loves us all, we all have access to His grace and love, but we are not the same. Men and women have different talents, attitudes, and abilities unique to our genders. Rather than trying to lessen the differences, we should celebrate them! Do these differences frustrate at times? Yes. Do we always understand where the other sex is coming from? No. But is something that is different mean it’s bad? No way.

It’s time to instruct our children. Morality isn’t everything – but I would like to diminish the sin and problems that my children have to deal with later on. I am interested in my children’s hearts, and how they live and how I allow (and help) them to grow will have a direct impact on them.

“Thomasina” and “Lily” – from the story – are two confused 8 year old little boys. How could an 8 year old possibly know what is best for them? I’m sure their parents recognize this in limiting the amount of chocolate they eat, making them go to bed on school nights, etc. So they get instructed in the little things – but why not the even bigger, life changing issues? How many 8 year olds say “I want to be a dancer”, “I want to be a fireman”, “I want to be a doctor” to find that when they are mature they often choose something else?

Jonny recently referred me to an article. It states that ‘The American College of Pediatricians has cautioned “educators about the management of students experiencing same-sex attraction or exhibiting symptoms of gender confusion.”’ (emphasis mine)* We can learn something from this.
*For more, read this full article.

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