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No, really.

It’s difficult to have your faith, marriage, and parenting all sparkly when your house is not. It sounds kind of cheesy like that, but women are seriously called to be good stewards of our homes. Just turn to Proverbs 31 and Titus 2. For reals, do it now. I make it a habit of reading Proverbs 31 regularly and often taking a verse for the week to really meditate on. I don’t think every woman has to implement every thing described, but it definitely gives an overall idea of how a wife, mother, woman should be living and organizing her time. And there are some great specifics in there as well.

My husband is so blessed to come from work to a home that is – most of the time – clean and organized. He works all day to provide for our family, the least I can do is make an effort to give him as much time as possible wrestling with his boys (on a clean floor) and relaxing with his wife – not doing the dishes and vacuuming. Yeah, it’s not perfect all the time. Sometimes you have “one of those days” where everything goes wrong and it’s all you can do to have your teeth brushed (if that) and the kids’ diapers changed (if that) and you call your husband and sweetly tell him that if he wants to eat he better pick something up on the way home. But if “one of those days” is looking like almost every day, maybe some reevaluating needs to be done about what exactly being a “stay at home” wife and mom means.

I am the kind of person that has to have a cleaning schedule. I spent a lot of time on my personal cleaning schedule – yep, it’s color coded, and has a lot of detail to it. I love schedules, it’s how I work. It gives my brain room to think about other things – instead of mentally trying to prioritize jobs and figure out what needs to be done, today I’ll just look at my schedule for the first Wednesday of the month and follow the list. It actually takes way less time, and I get way more done!

It also gives me a goal for the day. When I finish my scheduled cleaning and tidying, I get to relax! That is my personal rule, I must get the things done before I can rest and knit or read or whatever else I feel like. There are always extra things that are not on the schedule, and I can get to them if I choose. But I have the freedom to do what I want after a job well done.

Here is a great resource for cleaning schedules. It gives various options: for those who like to do it all in one day or those who like to do a little at a time.
Create A Cleaning Schedule Your House Can Appreciate

Another resource that I have heard is great is “Sidetracked Home Executives” by Pam Young and Peggy Jones. I have not read it, but have adopted some of their techniques that my mom has used.

Happy cleaning!


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