What’s that on my hand?

June 7, 2010 at 7:32 pm 1 comment

My son calls it a “stable.” It is actually a step stool. Yep, we are finally encouraging personal hygiene in the Griffiths household.

We bought one of those plastic step stools from the junk bins at Target. You know, you walk in and there it is in front of you, calling out to you to come look, to pick up, put down, pick it up again and throw it in your cart. Only to wonder later why you just had to buy that set of hello kitty markers. But this time it was a step stool. Now Dig can step up and wash his hands all by hisself.

Today’s Learning Moment (or L.M., if you will) was just before “rest time.” Potty, wash hands, then rest. That’s the routine. But today, Dig was very concerned about some “crayon” that he could not wash off of his hand. He discovered his veins. This led to a whole discussion about veins, blood, skin, heart… I got in way over my head. Partly because he doesn’t really understand what “blood” is (although he knows what a bloody nose is, having had a few, so maybe things will connect), what a heart is, and why we have them. Lucky for me, I have, hidden away in the Homeschool Drawer, a book called The Young Scientist Book of the Human Body: How It Works and How To Look After It. Tada! I bet you wish you had a book with such a long title, too.

Granted, it is way too mature for a 2.5 year old, BUT it has some kickin illustrations from the olden days (check out those short shorts), and perhaps I can paraphrase some of the information so that it can begin to be comprehended. After rest time, the learning will commence!!

I remember perusing that book when I was grade-school aged, especially the section called “Sex and Babies.” What, I was interested in learning…


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    […] November 2, 2010 E is for Eye. Dig wasn’t interested in showing his own, but he enjoyed gluing this eye together. This was nice, too, because it features both big and little Ee’s. We discussed the different parts of the eye – it was fun to make the eyelashes stand out. After we finished with the craft, we looked up the eye in our little science book. […]


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