Yeah, I’ll pray for that

June 13, 2010 at 6:29 pm 2 comments

Have you ever had one of those friends who is constantly asking for prayer? You get to the point where you want to avoid them because you just know every conversation, or even hello, ends with “So, I really need prayer about something…” or “You could be praying for me about that…”

We all have a need for prayer, but there are those people who just can’t get enough. Am I the only one who wants to say “Gee, can’t you pray for yourself on that one – for once.” But I never say that, I say “Yeah, I’ll be praying for you” to assure them that I am such a good friend, then quickly forget about it as I walk hurriedly away before they can ask for more prayer about something else.

I have one friend in particular who asks for prayer all the time, and I mean all the time, and they don’t take “Yeah, I’ll pray for you” as an answer – they demand prayer right there and then.

His name is David. And he’s my son.

I guess Jonny and I brought this on ourselves. Instead of implementing the kiss for the boo-boo that makes everything all right, we said “Heavenly Father, please heal this boo-boo.” Super spiritual, right? Except for when it’s the 42nd “Pray for me!!” of the day, and you want to say “Um, maybe later” or “I prayed for that already” or simply “No.”

But, even though I get annoyed sometimes, I try to remind myself that this whole practice is good. I hope (expect) that we are teaching our son to look to his Father in heaven for every little thing.  I hope (expect) that this little boy will become a prayer power-house that won’t say “Yeah, I’ll pray for you… next time I’m praying,” but will call on Jesus every time he hears of another hurting or seeking or needing.

I’ve learned a lot since David learned the words “Pray for me.” Even if someone is seemingly just seeking attention by constantly asking for prayer for this and that, am I going to seek to “punish” them for their selfishness by not praying for them? Am I going to lie to them and say “Yeah, I’ll pray for that” to forget later? Or am I going to humbly pray, yet again, though I really don’t feel like it, though I’m tired of praying for this person or this situation, because they asked?

Yeah, I’ll pray for that.


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