Failure #6,451

September 20, 2010 at 8:07 pm Leave a comment

That number is purely fictional. I know that I have not failed near that much.

So… the reason for failure is this: my kids are not sharing a room. We made it 2 days. Dig would not stay in bed, and neither of them were getting any sleep. He hadn’t had a problem getting out of bed before, so I figured “remove Charlie, remove problem.” Alas, not so. Dig is still climbing out of bed at least once a day (no let’s be serious, at least 3 times a day), and there looks like no end in sight. I’m still working on a School Room, but it looks more like a “School Area” with a big crib taking up a lot of room. Ugh.

The good news is our blasted fire pit project is done and turned out quite well! Our friend Bryan helped us out on Saturday with hauling the extra gravel we needed and Jonny and I had a nice cold beer by a nice warm fire on Saturday night.

I still have not started 26 Letters, 26 Weeks with Dig, but the plans are coming together now and I just need to start gathering supplies. I never thought it would take so much work. Other things keep coming up, and you know… I’ll get there! I have other things on my mind and am trying to tie up some loose ends.


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School Room Bringing my “A” game

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