Aa – Day 1

September 27, 2010 at 11:08 am Leave a comment

Today was day 1 for letter Aa. We spent about an hour and Dig and I both had a ton of fun! It was a total success. When I told him that we were going to do school today he said “Yay! I’m a big boy now!”

My goal today was to get him familiar with big A and little a. First, I let him watch a 6 minute video podcast from Sesame Street all about A. Whilst he was busy with that I cut out big and little A’s and attached them with sticky tack to our wall by the dining room table. We will keep them up all week so he can get familiar with them.

I gave him his “Aa is for Apple” coloring page, showed him how to trace the letters a couple of times with his fingers, and set him loose with the markers. He likes to draw mostly, so it wasn’t so much colored as drawn on. But he got the circle part of small a all taken care of.

Next we learned that “Aa is for Apron.” I wanted to give him this one before the painting commenced. I meant to do Aa stamps on the pocket, but forgot until after I cleaned up all of the painting supplies. So we’ll probably do that tomorrow.

Then we had “Aa is for Apple Stamping.” We did stamps of the actual apple, cut in half, and a leaf. Then I cut big A and little a stamps out of the apple.

It was a great start to school and we finished with a very unrehearsed video.


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