Bb – Day 2 – Bb is for Bumblebee

October 6, 2010 at 10:32 am Leave a comment

I really underestimated how difficult it would be to narrow down to just 4 or 5 days on one letter. The options are just endless! I could have spent a month on each letter!

Today Bb is for Bumblebee. We made a simple popsicle bee puppet. Here’s what we used:

• 2 black card bee shapes (cut the same – one for each side of the popsicle)

• 1 yellow bee shape (I traced the black shape onto the yellow construction paper) cut into strips to make bee stripes

• 4 white card wings (I used unlined index card)

• 1 popsicle stick

• 4 small google eyes

The first side that we made I took a little more control over. I wanted Dig to know what it was meant to look like. He helped, but I did most of the work. For the second side I pretty much let him go crazy, but I did have to take over the glue bottle after a bit – we would have ended up with nothing but a few strips of paper swimming in glue.

Then we glued both sides on the popsicle stick.

Now we had to wait for it to dry. Dig begged for more painting, but upon refusal settled for markers. He especially wanted me to draw with him. We tried to draw things that started with Bb. I would say “B (the sound, not the letter), b, b, b – ball!” and then draw it and had him try to draw one, too. Then it was his turn. He lingered on the “B, b, b” sound for a while and eventually came up with boat! I was too proud. He also wanted me to draw a banana, but upon trying it just turned out a little dodgy and we had to turn it into some scribbles.

After all of that markering the bee was dry and Dig tried it out. First he made it fly. Then he held it out for me  to take a picture.

It’s only 10:30, but we started early this morning. Usually I do a clean up after breakfast and before school time, but I did some extensive cleaning last night and there wasn’t anything pressing except a 2 year old who kept begging for school time.

On another note, I have found Dig’s behavior to be vastly improved since starting “school” last week. I knew that he needed some one on one focused time, but had a hard time fitting it in with little brother needing attention and the garden in full harvest. I have had to battle feelings of guilt as the garden and house have taken a back seat lately – I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to focus on kids instead of work. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I’ve been ignoring my children. They are just generally pretty happy on their own. But I found Dig acting out in meanness towards his brother to be a cry for attention. And I’m so happy to accommodate. Sacrifice is part of it.

I have also found that my boys need to WRESTLE! They are boys, after all. And although daddy is happy to be crawled on when he gets home from work, that leaves a lot of hours that the kids are still needing to be exhausted in fits of tickling and acrobatics.

Sounds like they need that right now, actually. Here I go…


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