Bb – Day 3 – Bb is for Bear

October 8, 2010 at 7:46 am 2 comments

Yesterday was day 3 and I didn’t get around to posting anything. We did errands in the morning and squeezed school time in just before Dig had a nap, so he was tired and so was I.

We worked on Bb is for Bear. Let me just say that this week has been a bit more difficult. He seems a little more confused and accidentally calls the B’s A’s sometimes. He has also been tired from our trip and when I try to get a bit more serious about making the “Bh” sound he just gets silly and won’t comply with my requests (they say to repeat it like that – Bh, bh, ball – in Sing, Spell, Read, & Write, which is a curriculum I have on hand – the very curriculum my mom used with me and all of my siblings).

I refuse to get annoyed or demanding. He’s not even 3, and at this point we are just having fun. If he doesn’t feel like making a B sound, that’s fine by me. Why would I make him want to avoid school time because of my bad attitude?

We made a bear mask from paper plates. It turned out rather frightening. I let him go crazy with the brown paint on the paper plate (actually I glued two together for strength), but before that I put some masking tape on to keep what would be the teeth part white. I peeled the tape off when he was done painting, but the paint was still wet. Once it was dry I cut eyes out with an exacto knife. I cut teeth into the white part left by the masking tape. Let me just say, if you want a friendly bear put the masking tape on in a smile and cut square teeth, not triangle ones. Brown construction paper cut into ears and glued on plus some holes punched at the sides for an elastic band finishes it off.

This bear is a little evil looking and Dig has refused to wear it. He wants me to wear it, though, so it can’t be all that bad. He keeps saying “Did we make a silly bear, mummy?” It will hit the bin soon.

I find myself drained of energy this week. Maybe it’s the newness of “school time” wearing off on both of us and the excitement is lacking, maybe it’s something else. I have really been struggling with “contentment”  – not unusual, unfortunately. I know that God has every good thing in mind for me, that He has awesome plans – knows best what I need. My biggest struggle has been with our home. I am thankful for a house and our house is pretty cute. But sometimes it feels impossible to have people over comfortably. Without a dining room it is hard to have another family (with kids) over for dinner. I desire to be making more connections with other families we know, and I just feel defeated by our lack of space. It is hard to find the balance of looking forward to what is in store for the future (please!) and being content with what we have now.


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