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November 9, 2010 at 8:47 am 2 comments

Keeping up with the whole blog thing is getting difficult. I have considered quitting this thing many times, but seeing that I’m still getting lots of visitors, I guess I’ll keep going…

A lot of my discipline has gone out of the window. I am a person of schedules and routines, I think it’s best for the kids so that they kind of know what to expect, but a part of having kids is that they often “mess up” the schedule! I have to be flexible, but lately I have gone too far and been just plain lazy. I get up late, when my kids are crying, don’t have a chance to read the Bible before they’re up. Cannot focus when I do get to it. Cleaning schedule that improves our home life so much – I just cannot bring myself to look at it. I wander from room to room doing a little thing here and little thing there – that never really amounts to anything at all. I need to still keep track of my daily food intake, but it’s too much trouble and I know this can so easily get out of control.

Solution: spend time with Jesus. Yes, I can do that all the time. But I really need a set aside time. So this morning I got up at 6am. It’s so difficult. I said hi to my sweetie before he headed off for one of his various weekday early morning meetings, grabbed the coffee left in the bottom of the french press (luckily not hours old this time, since I was up early), dug into the word, prayed for people (not just myself, amazing), dug into a book that I am supposed to be reading for the pre-marital counseling we’re doing with a young couple. There is a problem in that the computer is sitting here, right by me whilst I read/pray. It wants to suck me in. Meaningless things try and attack my brain space – how much are flights right now? How much is a new tent for our road trip next summer? Has anyone anything interesting to say on facebook?

No, no, no! I reject these time-wasting, brain-sucking, thoughts and focus.

It’s so funny to write – on my BLOG – that I sometimes wish I could throw away the computer. It distracts from taking care of home, children, husband, family, loving friends, the church body.

I don’t know yet what the right solution is, a balance. I know that if I wasn’t distracted by the computer it would probably be something else (though maybe not to the same degree). Trying to figure out what is best, God give me wisdom.


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  • 1. Carly  |  November 9, 2010 at 10:39 am

    So good Sarah, thanks for sharing. So true, ultimately we just need more Jesus.
    Jesus pour out on Sarah, give her discipline and I pray that you would lead her in her day. Help her to know and have a healthy balance with her children, and keeping up her home and doing school. Ultimately we want more of you Jesus so In all we do in all Sarah does I pray that you would be at the center. You are good Lord, We want you to be what distracts us Lord.

    • 2. Sarah Gracie  |  November 9, 2010 at 11:34 am

      Thanks so much!


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