The Ff Week

November 18, 2010 at 9:03 am Leave a comment

Last week was the Big F little f week – which is kind of funny because that same week my husband, Jonny, wrote an article interviewing a Christian musician that happened to use the F-word in a new song and it kind of blew up in the face(book) with people battling out their arguments over the internet.

Moving on…

Day 1 – Ff is for Fan

Lucky daddy got to take part in this one. We did school time in the evening instead of the morning. It was pretty simple. Cheap paper plate, cut one side off – about a fourth – decorate, glue popsicle stick on.

Then lay back on the sofa whilst one child gently fans your face and the other feeds you grapes.


Day 2 – Ff is for Fish

This was one of my favorites. I tore a couple of pages from National Geographic that featured water. Dig spent ages cutting up little pieces of the water pictures. Then he glued them on a simple fish form I drew.


Day 3  – Ff is for Frog

I drew a really dumb looking frog (Dig at least guessed what it was so maybe it wasn’t that bad) and Dig colored it in. Super exciting, eh?


Day 4  – Ff is for Feathers

Do I need to write anything here?


Day 5 – Ff is for Flag

Our flag was made out of a small rectangle of fabric (decorated by Dig and Daddy with permanent markers), a bamboo skewer (I cut off the pointy end), and hot glue to hold it all together.


So, that was our Ff week. We’re currently working on Gg, it’s going well, but I’ve spent enough time on the computer for today to write more about it. Until next time…


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