The Gg Week

November 24, 2010 at 8:45 am Leave a comment

Dig and I have been having a wonderful “school time” these last couple of weeks. Just because I’m not writing, doesn’t mean we’re not doing!

Last week was the letter Gg. I have been less focused on blogging about this (obviously) and only took photos of 1 day. So I’ll just quickly write about what we did.

Day 1 – Goat. We glued pulled-apart cotton balls to Mr. Goat and colored him, too.

Day 2 – Go! We made a traffic light – red, orange and green circles of construction paper glued to a black rectangle paper. I wrote “GO!” in the green light and we talked about the traffic lights and g-g-g-green means g-g-g-go. Now whenever we do go anywhere, he makes sure to tell Daddy and Mummy when we are allowed to go at the traffic lights.

Day 3 – Giraffe. Simple paper cut out and glue. I cut a giraffe form (of the neck up) out of yellow paper and various sized orange circles. Dig glued them on wherever he liked (mostly in a cluster) and we finished with a googly eye.

Day 4 – Garden. I took out some of those little peat pots we had leftover from last spring. We planted basil, thyme and rosemary. Dig did a great job with such little seeds. I just put a few in my palm, and he transferred them to the pots. We talked a lot about gardening. The seeds just started sprouting – today – so he can see how amazing God is to turn those tiny seeds into plants


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