If You Can’t Get Into Prison, Sneak Into Costco

December 13, 2010 at 2:00 pm Leave a comment

My mom and I headed out to Idaho Correctional Center (ICC) around 1pm on Sunday. It’s way out there – takes about 45 minutes to get there from Nampa. We were going to visit my little brother. He’s been there just over a year. It’s a long story, one that is not mine to tell.

I had decided in August that I want to try and visit Matthew once a month. Charlie was newly weaned, making it possible to take the long drive, check in, visit, check out, long drive back, without being stressed about a hungry baby at home.

So, 1pm, my mom picks me up. We had a nice drive there, chatting the whole way. We don’t get as much chat time as we used to, so it was nice. When we arrive we start to shed the items that cannot be taken in – jackets, phones – and gather what we need – keys, bag of quarters, license… license. Oh no, I didn’t bring my bag. Which contains my wallet. As I left my house I made sure I had phone and keys, but no bag, no wallet.

The guard was very nice and called to see if there was any way they could get me in. He asked me how old I was. “26.” “Not 14? You look 14.” I was offering to call my husband to get my driver’s license number, but turns out every visitor must be accompanied by (their own) photo ID.

I arranged to pick my mom up – after her visit with Matthew – in a couple of hours, and took her keys. The nearest place I knew to go wandering would be Costco. On the drive there I called Jonny, who pointed out I had no driver’s license with me. Oh well. Then I started saying that I would make the best of this and get some cherry tomatoes and salad dressing that I wanted for dinner – Jonny pointed out that I had no Costco card and no money with me. Arg.

When I got to Costco, I rifled through my mom’s purse (yes, I did) and stole $5 (yes, I did) to buy myself a soda. I used to have an obsession with sneaking in to Costco. It was just so easy to wander in acting like you’re looking for your mom or dad, or sidle up right next to someone and act like you are walking in with them. It was my own quiet little rebellion. So, sneak in I did.

I wandered the aisles of Costco for an hour. I looked at every non-food item.

It was a lot of fun. Seriously. I never do that because who wants to wander around trying to look at things with 2 kids tugging on you, asking you for snacks? Even though I would rather have been visiting my brother, I had a great time just being alone for a bit, people watching, store perusing.

What where the coolest items I found? Are you ready for this? Dum, da da dum!

• Dual flush converter kit. This turns any ol’ toilet into a dual flusher – a light flush for liquid & paper, a heavier flush when needed. It can save a family of 4 up to 15,000 gallons a year, and average over $100 in water savings. It was under $19 at Costco. It’s a dollar cheaper on Amazon.

• Thomas the train set. I wish I had paid closer attention to this. But it was a boxed set with train pieces and track and accessories. All for $24.99. For the amount of pieces it came with, it was a great price. Having 2 boys, I definitely pay more attention to these kind of toys. I have seen little Thomas sets at Target for around this price, but it is just one engine and a few pieces of track.

• Tools. Power tools, drill bit sets, ratchet sets. I was drooling.

• Battery operated, motion sensing, LED porch light. For under $10, screw one of these babies up over your front or back door (or wherever you want), and have a porch light that turns on when you are coming in or going out – the package claimed that the long-lasting LED bulbs will never have to be replaced. I think it took one AA battery.

There was so much more, but I thought these were things that were useful (or fun) and a great price.


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