Jj is for Jesus! (part 2)

December 18, 2010 at 11:36 am Leave a comment

We took a sick day yesterday. Not so much for the boys, but for me. Children are amazing. They can be dog sick but they still want to play their little hearts out. The boys definitely have their tiffs, but now they play quite nicely together as well.

So we took up Jj is for Jesus again today. We had a short amount of time before Dig needed to be off to his little recital for the kids Christmas thing for Sunday School.

We reread the story about the Magi visiting Jesus (from the Jesus Storybook Bible). We focused on the fact that they brought the BEST presents they had to give to Jesus. The books says:

They brought their most precious treasures of all: frankincense, gold, and myrrh. Special, sparkly, lovely-smelling, gleaming things – just right for a king.

I told Dig that we were going to make Jesus a present – the best present we could make. I asked him what he thought would be the best present EVER.

“Sparkly.” (I think he got that idea from the book)

“Sparkly. Okay, what should we make that is sparkly….? What should it be?”


“A blue and sparkly, what?”


So that’s what we made. Well, I don’t have any glitter, so we used the most sparkly thing I could find – star stickers.

I am really enjoying the fact that Dig thinks the most simple things are wonderful. What child would think a card would be the best present ever? Jonny and I are very excited when we receive birthday and Christmas cards – the fact that people have taken the time to write a little note for us on some pretty paper – we know that this is a wonderful gift. I am so pleased that Dig sees this.

For the message inside the card, I asked Dig what he wanted to tell Jesus. I wrote it down exactly as he said it.

Thank you, Jesus, that the most precious gift of all this Christmas is not all of the toys and books we will receive, but that You- God Himself – came down as a little, helpless baby, and rescued us! Thank you that we can be as little children, simply giving you our love and our best present of all – a sparkly, blue card.


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Jj is for Jesus! Wrapping Up

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