A British-ish Christmas

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It’s Christmas Eve and our day is going to be very full, as I’m sure is the same for many of you.

Jonny and I are particularly busy as we are going to be the hosts for Christmas dinner tomorrow night. We are blessed to have my brother and his wife, plus their 4 girls. And a more recent development is the lovely Portteus family as well. It’s going to be a full house. Our very tight living space will be filled to the max, we might even have to open some windows in December just so we can breathe – how fantastic!

Jonathan and I work very well together in the kitchen. We will start our prep this morning and work all through the afternoon. Our friends Curtis and Mary will stop by for lunch today – so we will take a well deserved and fun lunch break. We are doing a British-ish Christmas dinner. Things don’t always go as planned, but we are making do with what we can.

The menu for Christmas dinner (well, what we are making – other things will be brought by our guests):

Chicken Roulades – we decided to opt for roulades instead of a roast turkey since Thanksgiving was just a month ago. It was supposed to be Turkey Roulades, but the two stores I went to didn’t have Turkey breasts available and with two kids in tow I couldn’t visit every store. We hope everyone will be think the chicken substitute adequate. We will beat the chicken breasts thin, wrap them around some sausage stuffing and wrap them with bacon. A classic British move: wrap something – anything – in bacon. We are following a recipe from Delia’s Happy Christmas cook book.

Chestnut Stuffing – It’s made from pureed chestnuts (we brought a tin back from England – thanks Cindy!), liver pate, mushrooms, onions, celery, a few bread crumbs. I think that’s it. It’s very yummy, and a classic for an English Christmas dinner.

Roasted Root Vegetables – Roast potatoes are a must for Christmas dinner, different than the classic American mash with turkey. We are also adding parsnips and carrots. I originally wanted to do a parsnip and carrot puree plus roast potatoes, but we figured if we combine and roast them all this will simplify things in the kitchen. Smart move.

Pork Pies – Though not a Christmasy dish by any means, pork pies are one of those delightful snacks of England that we always miss, so we’re going to have it! We tried out a couple of different recipes and our friends the Kafka’s were kind enough to taste test and critique and we will combine two different recipes to make a super pork pie. You eat it cold with mustard. Yum!

Fresh Cranberry Relish – The Brits usually have cranberry sauce like us Americans, but the Cranberry Relish is too good to not make. It’s a weight watchers recipe that Dad and I made last year for Thanksgiving and Christmas and we had again this Thanksgiving. 12 oz fresh cranberries, 1 orange (with peel and everything), about 1 inch piece of fresh ginger root, 1 cup of sugar. Blend it all together and it is SO good! Now we stick up our noses at canned cranberry sauce or jelly.

Next week I will do more posts about our Crafty Christmas!

We have a lot to do to prep this much food for 14 people! I better get –

Merry Christmas


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