Crafty Christmas – Kenya’s Rock N Roll Guitar Bag

January 1, 2011 at 1:18 pm Leave a comment

Check out this awesome girl in my kitchen on Christmas day. See how happy she is that Auntie Sarah still knows how to rock… er, sort of. As much rockin as you can do with two children hanging off of you.

I was over the moon when I found this tutorial on making a fender guitar bag from Bored and Crafty. I want to make one for me!!

As you can see (if your eyes are still good), a lot of the detailing is different on Kenya’s bag than the Bored and Crafty. Again, I used the tutorial as a guideline. The construction of the bag went pretty much as directed, but on the front I left off the whammy bar insert and the pick ups and opted for guitar strings. I simply used my sewing machine to sew 6 straight lines. The pick guard is made from a charcoal and black colored fabric (with some muted flowery designs) so the guitar strings and bridge are sewn with white thread. The guitar strings continue on to the main body of the guitar in black, which is a vibrant turquoise blue.

The strap: Originally I was going to be looking out at thrift stores for a real guitar strap, but that wasn’t practical in any kind of time crunch, so I cut the strap off of an old unused camera bag. It had a tan colored stripe in the middle which didn’t work at all, so I used my sewing machine to sew zigzag the entire length of the strap with turquoise colored thread.

My regret: wish I would have gotten a better pic.


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