Kk is for Kite

January 5, 2011 at 12:02 pm Leave a comment

I really wish we could just go fly a kite. But the fact that it is 18 degrees out has really discouraged me from that idea. We are enjoying the sunshine streaming in our windows, knowing that it does not feel sunshiny warm outside.

I cut out a kite shape from a piece of construction paper. Dig then drew on it. I have been trying to encourage his drawing – he is really coming along now! I am amazed at the sudden switch between scribbles and people.

The Letter K

So Dig spent a lot of time drawing with a marker on his kite.


I totally stole the kite craft idea from a friend (Bekah!) who threw a Mary Poppins birthday party for her youngest daughter recently. I love drawing from others ideas – our craft ideas here would be pretty limited if it was confined to my own imagination.

Charlie got in trouble for sucking on markers

Dig has been asking for a month or so if we could fly a kite. I keep trying to tell him that we have to wait for spring time – when it is warmer and windy. The concept of time is so off for him – although he is picking up on certain ideas. The other day when he was complaining about an owie, Jonny asked him when he got the owie. “Um, on Sunday,” he replied. Too funny.

We taped a bit of twine to the back of the kite and tied some ribbon on for the kite tail.

Trying to "fly" the kite was fun for 2 seconds


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