Kk is for Kangaroo

January 6, 2011 at 1:03 pm Leave a comment

Today’s school time was a flop. Despite my enthusiastic attempts with a Piglet in the pocket of my apron hopping around trying to get Dig to do the same (yes, you can laugh), he was not interested. Charlie enthusiastically chimed in with a “Hop! Hop!” cheer, though.

Charlie woke me up at around 5am screaming and crying. I discovered his bed soaked – entirely wet including sheet, 2 blankets and puppy. The poor little guy has the coldest room in the house anyway, and was wet through. After a sponge bath and clean diaper and jim jams he was still shaking from the cold, so I took him downstairs to snuggle with daddy in our bed whilst I headed back upstairs to take care of the bedding. He was so sad to leave daddy’s arms.

I realize now how little trouble we’ve had with our babes. Charlie has been sleeping through the night (like 8 hours, now 12) since he was just a few weeks old (except for that trip to England, which we won’t think about). We have had things pretty easy – very little sickness (except that time they had the swine flu, but we won’t think about that either). We are blessed.

Yes, today is a day that has fallen kind of flat. I’m tired, and I’m guessing that the boys are, too. Our kangaroo coloring page had a couple of half-hearted scribbles on it and the before mentioned hopping time was a failure, but the kids did enjoy watching a couple of youtube videos about kangaroos (from BBC).


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Kk is for Kite Fever!

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